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INSTALL: Out-of-tree builds are broken for now.feature/build-system-improvements
Building opkbuild from outside the source tree is unsupported with the new non-recursive build system. The issue is the use of inference rules to fix dependencies. Out-of-tree builds will probably be supported in certain make implementations using the non-standard VPATH macro.
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@@ -40,11 +40,4 @@ running `make DESTDIR=dest install`.
Separate Build Directory
-You can call the `configure` script from any directory on your system, and it
-will detect the location of the package source directory. It is recommended
-that you create a directory outside of the package source directory and build
-and install the package from there as follows:
- $ ../path/to/package/configure
- $ make
- # make install
+Building opkbuild from outside the source directory is currently unsupported.