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many other embedded operating systems.
[[ProteanOS_1.0|dev/releases/1]] is expected to be released in April, 2013.
+Key Features of ProteanOS
+All of the software in ProteanOS is free/libre and open source – it can be used,
+modified, and distributed without restriction. This allows the developers to
+effectively support the software and ensures that vendors and users remain in
+control of the technology they use.
+ProteanOS can be made to run on just about any hardware that can support an
+operating system and made to work with a variety of UNIX®-like kernels
+(currently supported is Linux®) and system libraries.
+ProteanOS ans its programs and libraries can also be configured to serve
+virtually any use case.
+ProteanOS is designed to be as small as possible. Only essential programs and
+libraries are installed by default. And each software package is stripped down
+as much as possible.
+Additionally, many of the programs that ProteanOS provides are small yet
+fully-functional and designed with the resource constraints of embedded systems
+in mind.
+Many of the software packages provided by ProteanOS are built with performance
+optimizations, and ProteanOS as a whole is built to take advantage of all the
+best performance features available for the hardware on which it runs.
+And ProteanOS starts running in just a few seconds, thanks to its simple and
+lightweight boot process.