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@@ -59,7 +59,10 @@ source package should have two builds, with and without verification enabled.
This will probably mean generating new binary packages `opkg-gpg` and
`libopkg.1-gpg` (which will conflict with `opkg` and `libopkg.1` respectively)
and installing data files into binary package directories without the aid of
+`oh-installfiles`. Although, option 1 of the [[static_libopkg|pkg/opkg/static]]
+plan would simplify this by getting rid of the `libopkg.1` and `libopkg.1-dev`
+packages altogether. The `opkg` source package could then build just `opkg`,
+`opkg-gpg`, `opkg-dbg`, and `opkg-doc` binary packages.
The DOT-language dependency graph (which can be rendered as a PNG image with the
command pipeline in the header comment, if saved as ``):