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+[[!meta title="Wayland and Weston packages"]]
+Wayland is a protocol that specifies the communication between a display server
+and its clients as well as a pair of C libraries implementing that protocol.
+Weston is a reference implementation of a Wayland compositor, with various
+compositor backends, graphical shells, example clients, and more. Wayland and
+Weston are modern and simple replacements for the X Window System, including the
+display server, window manager, protocols, and libraries.
+ProteanOS aims to provide a graphical user interface and applications based on
+Wayland and Weston. To do this, a number of packages need to be prepared,
+including libffi, wayland, libevdev, libxkbcommon, libinput, eudev, pixman,
+cairo, and weston. Depending on the student's time and interest, the project
+may be extended to include additional packages from the GTK+ 3 and other GNOME
+library packages project.
+ * Mentor: Patrick "P. J." McDermott
+ * Desirable skills: Distribution packaging, familiarity with package build
+ systems like GNU Autoconf and Automake, familiarity with display systems,
+ Git
+ * Project deliverables: ProteanOS packages that enable the Weston compositor
+ and example clients to run on a Linux framebuffer
+ * Difficulty: Medium
+Tags: Wayland, Linux, framebuffer, packaging