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@@ -104,17 +104,18 @@ combines configuration files under `/etc/opkg/` to form a temporary
configuration file for `/usr/bin/opkg-cl`. It also provides a new
`/usr/bin/opkg-feed` script (similar to Ubuntu's add-apt-repository) that
manages `src` options in opkg configuration files, e.g. to add a new packages
-feed. Example usage, for adding the feed for the `dev/platconf` suite, `src`
-architecture, `all` platform, and `base` section to opkg's configuration and
-updating opkg's package lists:
+feed. The syntax for adding a feed is `opkg-feed -a <suite> <arch> <plat>
+<sect>`. Following is an example usage, for adding feeds for platform porting:
# opkg-feed -a dev/platconf src all base
+ # opkg-feed -a dev/platconf i686-linux-glibc platconf base
# opkg update
`ppt-make` (which generates a new `config-*` package) from `platconf-pkg-tools`
asks two more questions: the architecture of the platform and the name of an
-existing platform on which to base the new one. `ppt-make` runs opkg to install
-the `config-*` package for the platform the user specifies.
+existing platform on which to base the new one. `ppt-make` runs opkg-feed to
+add the necessary feeds and then opkg to install the `config-*` package for the
+platform the user specifies.
A new `ppt-configure` tool is added to `platconf-pkg-tools`. This tool finds
and installs all of the available `*-kconfig` packages, builds a single unified