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SPF 2.0: Update platconf directory path.
With SPF 2.0 we're standardizing on the string "platconf" (rather than the old "config") to refer to platform configurations. opkbuild 3.0 already uses the new string.
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diff --git a/specs/spf-2.0/metadata.mdwn b/specs/spf-2.0/metadata.mdwn
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+++ b/specs/spf-2.0/metadata.mdwn
@@ -81,8 +81,8 @@ Each configuration file must be described with an entry of the following format:
source destination
`source` is the path to the file, relative to the platform configuration
-directory -- either `/usr/share/config/PLATFORM/PACKAGE_VERSION` or
-`/usr/share/config/PLATFORM/PACKAGE`, where `PLATFORM` is the architecture
+directory -- either `/usr/share/platconf/PLATFORM/PACKAGE_VERSION` or
+`/usr/share/platconf/PLATFORM/PACKAGE`, where `PLATFORM` is the architecture
string denoting an application platform, `PACKAGE` is the name of the
configurable source package, and `VERSION` is the upstream version of the
configurable source package.