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* changelog: Release gmp 6.1.2-1HEADmasterPatrick McDermott2019-05-011-1/+2
* copyright: UpdatePatrick McDermott2019-05-011-13/+46
* libgmp.10: Update files patternsPatrick McDermott2019-05-011-2/+1
* control: B-D on m4Patrick McDermott2019-05-011-1/+1
* Improve package descriptionsPatrick McDermott2019-05-015-6/+10
* libgmp.10: Use oh-shlibdepsPatrick McDermott2019-05-014-1/+4
* build: Remove static libraryPatrick McDermott2019-05-012-1/+3
* .gitignore: New filePatrick McDermott2019-05-011-0/+12
* control: Update Maintainer and HomepagePatrick McDermott2019-05-012-2/+5
* gmp-5.0.5.orig.tar.bz2: RemovePatrick McDermott2019-05-011-0/+0
* New filePatrick McDermott2019-05-013-1/+26
* changelog: New upstream versionPatrick McDermott2019-05-011-0/+6
* changelog: Release gmp 5.0.5-1.P. J. McDermott2014-03-101-1/+1
* copyright: Fix upstream notices.P. J. McDermott2014-03-101-5/+17
* build: Add -f option to rm command.P. J. McDermott2014-01-271-1/+1
* Use multiarch library dirs and remove info index.P. J. McDermott2014-01-183-5/+6
* Fixed dependencies for libgmp-dev.pkg and libgmp-doc.pkg.David T. Stanford2012-11-215-4/+4
* Initial commit.David T. Stanford2012-11-2114-0/+82