BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/block-device-mountingcheck_block(): Add missing argument to error msgP. J. McDermott5 years
feature/improve-error-handlingerror(): Remove freshly executed murderous codeP. J. McDermott4 years
feature/installer-integrationprokit-installer-pc(8): Add exampleP. J. McDermott5 years
feature/sessionscmd/opkg: Clean up packages before session_end()P. J. McDermott6 years
feature/ List files only once in todo targetP. J. McDermott5 years
mastertime(): Rename to unixtime()Patrick McDermott24 hours
prokit/2.0.1commit 6a51bb9652...Patrick McDermott9 months
prokit/2.0.0commit e3e4438a40...Patrick McDermott14 months
prokit/1.1.0commit abd3620f05...P. J. McDermott6 years
prokit/1.0.0commit 682e19082a...P. J. McDermott6 years
prokit/0.1.0commit 7e01eb17a4...P. J. McDermott6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
24 hourstime(): Rename to unixtime()HEADmasterPatrick McDermott3-4/+7
31 hoursNEWS: Categorize changesPatrick McDermott1-1/+4
31 hoursNEWS, Set version to 2.1.0Patrick McDermott2-3/+3
31 hoursNEWS: Document new ProteanOS section feedsPatrick McDermott1-0/+8
31 hoursprofile/proteanos: Make constant names uppercasePatrick McDermott1-4/+4
31 hoursPrefix "static" vars with "_"Patrick McDermott12-148/+149
32 hoursRevert "profile/proteanos: Don't add src feeds by default"Patrick McDermott1-0/+9
36 hoursprofile/proteanos: Don't add src feeds by defaultPatrick McDermott1-9/+0
36 hoursprofile/proteanos: Remove useless newline in feedsPatrick McDermott1-1/+0
36 hoursprofile/proteanos: Use feeds found in manifestPatrick McDermott1-0/+8