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* kconfigpp: Source files relative to first fileHEADmasterP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+1
* kconfigpp: Substitute variablesP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-4/+33
* kconfigpp: Initial implementationP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+54
* Makefile: Simplify hostprogs-y assignmentP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-15/+4
* Move .gitignore modifications to top directoryP. J. McDermott2014-11-242-2/+2
* COPYING: New fileP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+339
* Add documentationP. J. McDermott2014-11-242-0/+632
* Makefile: Fix subdirectory buildP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-10/+38
* Makefile: Change src and objP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-3/+3
* Rename to MakefileP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+0
* Move kconfig files into kconfig/P. J. McDermott2014-11-2442-0/+0
* .gitignore: Add "*.o" and ".depend".P. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+2
* Remove $(nconf-objs) in distcleanP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-1/+1
* Set hostprogs-y based on MAKECMDGOALSP. J. McDermott2014-11-241-0/+16
* Set CONFIG_SHELL and HOSTCCP. J. McDermott2014-11-231-2/+3
* New fileP. J. McDermott2014-11-231-0/+53
* Initial commitP. J. McDermott2014-11-2342-0/+24433