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authorPatrick McDermott <pehjota>2017-08-05 14:48:12 (EDT)
committer Patrick McDermott <pehjota>2017-08-05 14:48:12 (EDT)
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dev/releases/1/todo: Code-quote patch file names and s||| substitution
The underscores in the patch file names were being treated as emphasis.
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diff --git a/dev/releases/1/todo.mdwn b/dev/releases/1/todo.mdwn
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--- a/dev/releases/1/todo.mdwn
+++ b/dev/releases/1/todo.mdwn
@@ -26,9 +26,9 @@ The following are the tasks that need to be completed for ProteanOS 1.0:
+ Enable Linux serial drivers in config-dimension2400.
+ Add `rw` to the default Linux command line in platform config packages.
+ Upgrade to 4.1.x (the next LTS and LTSI branch):
- - Drop patches/01_no-bash.patch (similar patch applied upstream).
- - s|drivers/video/console/|lib/fonts/| in
- patches/03_add-mplus-fonts.patch
+ - Drop `patches/01_no-bash.patch` (similar patch applied upstream).
+ - `s|drivers/video/console/|lib/fonts/|` in
+ `patches/03_add-mplus-fonts.patch`
- busybox changes:
+ Make /etc/init.d/networking write generated interfaces file directly to
/var/run/net-ifaces (allows users to edit /etc/network/interfaces