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dev/archive/mirroring: Give better size estimates.
From stage one of a recent bootstrap: 267950759 bytes of source packages 62755311 bytes of architecture-dependent packages 12650961 bytes of architecture-independent packages That's a total of 327.45 MiB (round up to 330 MiB for the initial size estimate). ProteanOS 1.0 will probably have three architectures, so multiply the second number by three for a sum of 447.15 MiB (round up and add about 50 MiB in additional packages for a projected size estimate of 500 MiB).
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Setting up a Mirror
-A mirror will take approximately 300 MiB of storage space and should be expected
-to grow to approximately 1.25 GiB by the release of ProteanOS 1.0.
+A mirror will take approximately 330 MiB of storage space and should be expected
+to grow to approximately 500 MiB by the release of ProteanOS 1.0.
The following command will list files in the archive: