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+[[!meta title="Mirroring the ProteanOS Package Archive"]]
+Running a mirror of the ProteanOS package archive contributes to the
+availability of ProteanOS.
+You can keep your mirror private or make it an official mirror.
+Setting up a mirror
+A mirror is currently expected to take approximately 300 MiB of storage space.
+The following command will list files in the archive:
+ $ rsync --exclude .db rsync://
+The following command will mirror the archive:
+ $ rsync --recursive --times --delete --exclude .db \
+ > rsync:// /path/to/your/mirror/directory/
+Packages are moved from incoming into the archive four times daily. The
+[[archive_management_software|dev/pro-archman]] is [configured][arch-conf] to
+keep unreferenced files in the pool for one day, so mirrors must be updated at
+least once a day. Otherwise, during the update, some feed index files may
+reference deleted files.
+Making an official mirror
+Official mirror sites should make their archive mirrors available at
+`/pub/proteanos` over HTTP and FTP. Sites should also make their archive
+mirrors accessible over rsync, if possible.
+Once your mirror is set up, please announce it to the [ProteanOS development
+mailing list][proteanos-dev]. Please include the following information in your
+ * Name and e-mail address of site maintainer;
+ * Name and URL of site sponsor, if any;
+ * Domain name, or IPv4 and/or IPv6 address, of mirror site;
+ * Available protocols;
+ * Country of site;
+ * Frequency of mirroring; and
+ * Any other comments about the site.