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If keys are distributed with prokit, **revocations and key transitions need to
be handled somehow**.
+New keys can be distributed with new versions of prokit, though this would
+require users to upgrade prokit to get new keys. Revocations, being more of a
+security risk that can go unnoticed by users, would need to be more actively and
+immediately received by users. prokit could perhaps check a key server (over
+HKPS) each time before using a key.
+And if prokit needs to check key servers anyway, it could also use them to find
+new archive signing keys, as long as at least one "seed" key is distributed with
+prokit. prokit should find and use only archive signing keys (by a user ID
+specified in the profile) that are signed by a non-revoked previous key (or a
+signed chain of keys with the user ID).