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dev/prokit: Update for 2.0.0
And update manual pages, including new pages dev/prokit/prokit-installer-pc.8 and dev/prokit/prokit-mkinitramfs.8.
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-[[!meta title="prokit-opkg"]]
+[[!meta title="PROKIT-OPKG"]]
<a href="#NAME">NAME</a><br>
<a href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a><br>
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
-<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">prokit-opkg
-&minus; Manage packages with opkg</p>
+<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">prokit-opkg -
+Manage packages with opkg</p>
<a name="SYNOPSIS"></a>
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>prokit
-opkg</b> <i>root-dir</i> [<i>option</i> ...]
-<i>sub-command</i> [<i>argument</i> ...]</p>
+opkg</b> <i>root</i> [<i>option</i> ...] <i>sub-command</i>
+[<i>argument</i> ...]</p>
<a name="DESCRIPTION"></a>
@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ opkg</b> <i>root-dir</i> [<i>option</i> ...]
opkg</b> runs <b>opkg</b> in an isolated file system
+<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">If <i>root</i>
+is a block device node, the block device is mounted and
+<b>opkg</b> is run in its file system.</p>
<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><i>option</i>s
are <b>opkg</b> options and <i>sub-command</i> is an
<b>opkg</b> sub-command. See the usage information for
@@ -50,7 +54,7 @@ isolated system for installation.</p>
<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">Copyright (C)
-2014 Patrick &quot;P. J.&quot; McDermott</p>
+2014 Patrick McDermott</p>
<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">The ProteanOS
Development Kit is free software: you can redistribute it