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Publicly document the specs build process.
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+[[!meta title="Specifications"]]
+Specifications for the distribution are maintained in the
+[doc/specs.git][specs-git] repository and published in HTML format on the
+[specs Web site][specs-www].
+Building Locally
+Newer specifications like SPF 2.0 are multi-chapter books rendered from Markdown
+source files using the custom-developed "markdownbook" software. markdownbook
+is currently used as a submodule of the specs repository.
+One can download and build a local copy of the specifications from the
+repository using the following commands:
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd specs
+ $ git submodule init
+ $ git submodule update
+ $ make
+This will render HTML versions of the specifications in the source tree. You
+can view these in a Web browser, e.g.:
+ $ x-www-browser specs/spf-2.0/index.html