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Update boot sequencing task information.
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@@ -34,12 +34,14 @@ Fink and used by Debian and openSUSE. However, this C program (in compliance
with the LSB) assumes the use of runlevels. This operating system uses the init
daemon of BusyBox, which [doesn't support runlevels][bb-init.c]. Therefore,
we'll need to either modify insserv to work without runlevels or write our own
-tool for installing symbolic links to init scripts.
+tool for installing symbolic links to init scripts. (Either way, the tool
+should be written in either C or UNIX shell command language, both of which are
+portable and will be supported by all default installations of the OS.)
Additionally, we need to decide how completely we'll conform, if at all, with
the LSB in this area.
-Hopefully, this can get done by September 2012.
+Hopefully, this can get done by November 2012.