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[[!meta title="Boot Sequencing"]]
+Service scripts are now included in packages that provide system services (e.g.
+`busybox`). And symbolic links in `/etc/rc.d/` are now more flexibly organized.
+This current solution currently suffices, and all of the below can be ignored
+for now.
+Although, in the future it would be nice to have a more efficient initialization
+system and some kind of process management.
+**The rest of this page is kept only for reference and historical purposes.**
Currently, service init scripts are provided by the monolithic `initscripts`
binary package. These init scripts are executed in the lexicographic order of
the symbolic links matching `/etc/rc.d/S*` that target them. The names of these
@@ -41,8 +53,6 @@ portable and will be supported by all default installations of the OS.)
Additionally, we need to decide how completely we'll conform, if at all, with
the LSB in this area.
-Hopefully, this can get done by November 2012.