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[[!meta title="Multiarch"]]
-Multiarch refers to the ability to install and use packages built for non-native
-architectures and the ability to coinstall multiple architecture builds of any
-supporting package.
-It is currently being [designed][wuc-mas] and [implemented][wdo-ma] in Debian
-and Ubuntu. Multiarch is useful for this distribution because it can make cross
-building and cross installing easy.
-Design Aspects
-There are three high-level design aspects to this multiarch implementation: the
-filesystem hierarchy that primarily enables package coinstallability, control
-information documenting package coinstallability and dependency satisfaction,
-and coinstallability considerations in package management.
-For more details, see the [[multiarch_design_document|dev/multiarch/design]].
-The design and implementation of the filesystem hierarchy is
-[[a_goal_for_release_1.0|dev/releases/1]]. Package coinstallability is not a
-goal for this release.
+Page removed.