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@@ -60,12 +60,16 @@ therefore utility links are not yet created).
Once this new `opkg-lede` package is uploaded and `busybox` uses
`update-alternatives` for everything, `busybox` would need to declare that it
`Breaks` older versions of `opkg-lede`, to ensure that `opkg-lede` will preserve
-a copy of the `busybox` executable and its utility links.
+a copy of the `busybox` executable and its utility links. **However, this is
+still insufficient, as the version of `opkg` that is *running* must have already
+set up this environment before `busybox` is upgraded. `busybox`'s `prerm`
+script will need to check for this somehow and abort the upgrade if `opkg` is
+too old to have prepared for a safe upgrade. More design work needed.**
The `opkg` script of the `opkg-lede` package will need to read `busybox`'s list
of alternatives links. This is currently located at
`/usr/share/busybox/alternatives`, though the file's format will change when
-`busybox` uses `update-alternatives` for everything. A migration strategy for
-`opkg-lede` will need to be designed.
+`busybox` uses `update-alternatives` for everything. **A migration strategy for
+`opkg-lede` will need to be designed.**