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dev/pkg/opkg: Clarify OpenWrt/libreCMC opkg version
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@@ -58,11 +58,11 @@ size of modern opkg (starting with the 0.3.x series) and its dependencies makes
it increasingly unsuitable for small system distributions like ProteanOS. We
will need to find a solution going forward.
-[OpenWrt][owrt] and [libreCMC][lcmc] use [a version][opkg-owrt-lcmc] between
-0.1.8 and 0.2.0 with [numerous local patches][owrt-patches]. LEDE
-[switched][lede-switch] their [opkg package][lede-pkgdata] to [their own
-fork][lede-fork], which is based on the same 0.1.8+r618 version that OpenWrt and
-libreCMC use.
+[OpenWrt][owrt] and [libreCMC][lcmc] use a [0.1.8+r618][opkg-owrt-lcmc] version
+(SVN revision 618, between 0.1.8 and 0.2.0) with [numerous local
+patches][owrt-patches]. LEDE [switched][lede-switch] their [opkg
+package][lede-pkgdata] to [their own fork][lede-fork], which is based on the
+same 0.1.8+r618 version that OpenWrt and libreCMC use.
LEDE actively maintains their opkg fork and backports changes from upstream.
This may be the best and easiest option for ProteanOS, although there are a