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@@ -157,3 +157,24 @@ dependency is available in the downloaded feed lists, and the dependency is not
architecture-qualified. The language extension dependency in turn depends on a
language interpreter, which is also not architecture-qualified. The native
architecture of both will be installed.
+File System Hierarchy
+As explained above, to be coninstallable, library packages must install all of
+their files in architecture-qualified locations. Debian and Ubuntu install
+shared object files in `/usr/lib/<triplet>` or `/lib/<triplet>`, where
+`<triplet>` is a [GNU system type][ac-systemtype]. Since multiple ProteanOS
+architectures may share the same GNU system type, ProteanOS architecture names
+are instead used in such library directories.
+ProteanOS's GNU Binutils and GCC packages have been patched and configured to
+use multiarch library paths since their initial releases in 2014. opkhelper has
+used multiarch library paths when configuring packages since version 3.0.0-beta1
+released in 2012.