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The Amazing Alternatives of `busybox`
-Instead of adding alternatives one at a time, [it would be nice][bb-ua] to
-manage all of `busybox`'s utility links using `update-alternatives`.
+Instead of [adding alternatives][alts] one at a time, [it would be nice][bb-ua]
+to manage all of `busybox`'s utility links using `update-alternatives`.
Unfortunately, the [maintainer script][bb.pi] that runs `update-alternatives`
(as well as the [`update-alternatives` script][u-a] itself) needs a few
`busybox` utilities (`/bin/sh` for a start). Thus, after an older version of
`busybox` is deconfigured, a newer version can't be configured. `busybox` also
can't be configured when first unpacked by `prokit`.