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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ ProteanOS uses [opkg][opkg] to manage packages after installation with
[[prokit|dev/prokit]]. opkg has a long history through different umbrella
projects and maintainers. After [more than three years since the 0.1.8
release][pbarker-maint], regular releases were resumed in August/September 2013
-with the [0.2.x series][0.2.x-NEWS]. [Starting in December, 2013][yocto-move],
+with the [0.2.x series][0.2.x-NEWS]. [Starting in December 2013][yocto-move],
development of opkg was moved from Google Code to infrastructure of the Yocto
Project, a project of the Linux Foundation that also serves as a home for
BitBake, OpenEmbedded, and Poky.
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ copy of libbb had grown
however it added a dependency on a large library that was never designed with
the code size restraints of embedded systems in mind.
-And in August, 2015, support for external dependency solver libraries was added,
+And in August 2015, support for external dependency solver libraries was added,
so as to remove additional complexity from opkg and leave dependency solving to
another project. Unfortunately, this also [pulls][solver] in
[another][solver-patch] large [library][oe-pw-libsolv], openSUSE's [libsolv][libsolv]. As of now, this