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doc/pkg/dev-env: Update notes on ob-gencontrol bug
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@@ -95,9 +95,9 @@ You may see some warnings such as:
prokit: Warning: root/var/lib/opkg/lists/proteanos_dev_trunk_all_all_base(l709): badly formatted control field
prokit: Warning: root/var/lib/opkg/lists/proteanos_dev_trunk_src_all_base(l310): badly formatted control field
-This is an issue in opkbuild which has been [fixed in the Git
-repository][ob-gencontrol-bug] and will be fixed in ProteanOS soon. It can
-safely be ignored.
+These are caused by an issue in opkbuild which has been
+[fixed][ob-gencontrol-bug]. A new version of the affected package will be
+uploaded to ProteanOS soon. These warnings can safely be ignored.
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