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Downloading the ProteanOS Development Kit
-Download a released version of prokit from the files site by [HTTP][prokit-http]
-or [FTP][prokit-ftp], e.g.:
- $ wget
- $ tar -xzf prokit-1.1.0.tar.gz
- $ cd prokit-1.1.0/
-Or clone it from the [Git repository][prokit-git]:
+Clone prokit from the [Git repository][prokit-git]:
$ git clone git://
$ cd prokit/
-To install ProteanOS on a supported PC, currently you'll need to get prokit from
-its Git repository.
+*(Using the current released version, 1.1.0, is not recommended at this time, as
+the Git repository contains numerous major [improvements][prokit-news] including
+use of an updated mirrors list and installer commands for PC block devices and
+initramfs images. The head of the Git master branch is stable, with no known
+bugs. Version 2.0.0 will be released soon, pending some additional new
Users of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre and Arch [GNU/]Linux can find prokit packages
in the AUR (thanks to Serge Victor):
- * [prokit][aur-prokit]
* [prokit-git][aur-prokit-git]
@@ -55,11 +49,6 @@ Building the ProteanOS Development Kit
Configure and build prokit:
- $ ./configure
- $ make
-Or, if you cloned the Git repository, run:
$ ./
$ make
@@ -89,5 +78,3 @@ prokit comes with a manual, starting with the **prokit**(1) page:
Or, if you didn't install prokit, you can find the manual by running:
$ man man/prokit.1
-The manual is also available from the [[prokit_homepage|dev/prokit]].