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@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ programs and libraries to be built and installed on users' systems.
Source packages have a documented [format][spf-2.0], and
[[tutorials_on_packaging|doc/pkg]] are available.
-There is always [[more_software_to_be_packaged|dev/pkg/needed]], and
-[[one_package|dev/pkg/spf-2.0]] needs to be updated to the latest package
-format. [15 packages][src_pkgs_spring2015] prepared by a team of students in
-the spring 2015 NJIT CCS Capstone program need to be reviewed for uploading to
-the package archive.
+There is always [[more_software_to_be_packaged|dev/pkg/needed]] (including Perl
+5 with cross building support), and [[one_package|dev/pkg/spf-2.0]] needs to be
+updated to the latest package format. [15 packages][src_pkgs_spring2015]
+prepared by a team of students in the spring 2015 NJIT CCS Capstone program need
+to be reviewed for uploading to the package archive.
But the work doesn't end after a package is prepared and uploaded; maintaining
existing packages is also important and neverending work. ProteanOS currently
@@ -33,9 +33,6 @@ updating to a newer upstream version. Some others (e.g. the toolchain packages)
have patches that may be of interest outside ProteanOS but have not yet been
submitted upstream.
-Some packages have development problems that will eventually need to be solved,
-such as [[cross_building_Perl_5|dev/pkg/needed]].
Most source packages are maintained in [Git repositories][git-pkg]. You can
request a repository for your package on the [mailing list][proteanos-dev]. To
make changes to a package, it is recommended that you send patches to the