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-Making an Official Mirror
+Announcing a Public Mirror
-Sites should make their archive mirrors accessible over rsync, if possible.
-Once your mirror is set up, please announce it to the [ProteanOS development
-mailing list][proteanos-dev] ([list info][proteanos-dev-info]). Please include
-the following information in your announcement:
+After setting up a public mirror, please announce it to the [ProteanOS
+development mailing list][proteanos-dev] ([list info][proteanos-dev-info]).
+Please include the following information in your announcement:
* Name and e-mail address of site maintainer;
* Name and URL of site sponsor, if any;
* Domain name, or IPv4 and/or IPv6 address, of mirror site;
- * Available protocols;
+ * Available protocols (HTTP and/or FTP, and rsync for primary mirrors);
* Country of site;
* Frequency of mirroring; and
* Any other comments about the site.
+Your mirror will be reviewed and added to the official mirror lists
+([HTTP][mirrors-http] and [FTP][mirrors-ftp] used by [[prokit]] and
+[rsync][mirrors-rsync]) referenced above).