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+[[!meta title="VALS Semester of Code"]]
+The [Semester of Code][soc] is an initiative of the European [Virtual Alliances
+for Learning Society][vals] project. It connects computer science students in
+European universities with mentors in free software and open source
+organizations to complete software development projects.
+ProteanOS is participating in the VALS Semester of Code pilot program. We have
+submitted the following five project proposals:
+ * [[Wayland and Weston packages|wayland-weston]]
+ * [[GTK+ 3 and other GNOME library packages|gnome-libs]]
+ * [[Multiarch and cross toolchains|ma-and-cross-toolchains]]
+ * [[Lemon POS Qt 5 port and packages|lemon-pos]]
+ * [[Propose your own application for ProteanOS|propose-app]]