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+[[meta title="Propose your own application for ProteanOS"]]
+ProteanOS bills itself as a "universal embedded operating system", a
+distribution that "aims to provide a competitive solution in a wide variety of
+applications". ProteanOS currently provides software for wired and wireless
+networking (including access points), network routing, firewalls, servers,
+digital signage, and audio playback and recording. Work is beginning to support
+kiosk systems, Web applications, and point of sale systems (see some of the
+other VALS SOC projects with ProteanOS).
+Support for other embedded applications in ProteanOS is welcome. A student may
+propose a new application for ProteanOS and contribute support for it. This
+includes researching software packages that provide an application, doing
+dependency analysis to determine which additional packages are required (and
+whether it's possible and feasible to prepare those packages for ProteanOS), and
+preparing all the needed packages.
+ * Mentor: Patrick "P. J." McDermott
+ * Desirable skills: Distribution packaging, Git
+ * Project deliverables: ProteanOS packages to support a new application
+ * Difficulty: Low to medium
+Tags: embedded, distribution, packaging