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+[[!meta title="Lemon POS Qt 5 port and packages"]]
+Lemon POS is point of sale software for small and medium businesses. It is
+written in C++; uses the Qt 4, KDE Platform 4, and MySQL client libraries; and
+supports thermal printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners. Qt is a
+cross-platform application framework and widget toolkit. Qt 5 adds support for
+running applications with a Wayland compositor (in a development Qt repository)
+and on a Linux framebuffer. KDE Platform 4 is a set of libraries that serve as
+the framework for the KDE Software Compilation 4 and various third-party
+applications. KDE Frameworks 5, the successor to KDE Platform 4, is more
+modular and better suited for general Qt-based applications than its predecessor
+The first part of this project is to port Lemon POS to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks
+5, coordinating with the Lemon POS community. The second part of this project
+is to prepare ProteanOS packages for the Qt 5 base and SVG libraries as well as
+the KDE Frameworks 5 libraries used by Lemon POS. Depending on the student's
+time and interest, the project may be extended to include additional
+dependencies of Lemon POS, including MySQL/MariaDB, and Lemon POS itself.
+ * Mentor: Patrick "P. J." McDermott (pehjota in #proteanos-dev on freenode
+ IRC,
+ [](
+ * Desirable skills: C++, Qt, Git, distribution packaging
+ * Project deliverables: Patches to port Lemon POS to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5
+ and ProteanOS packages of at least some Lemon POS dependencies
+ * Difficulty: Medium
+Tags: C++, Qt, KDE, packaging