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@@ -101,9 +101,21 @@ ProteanOS systems should have only native architecture feeds for sections
and `libdev`. (Sections `doc`, `locale`, and `share` are
+opkg-lede's architecture priorities as described above can be useful in certain
+specific ways, through a [wrapper script that adds an `-a`/`--host-architecture`
+option][opkg-wrapper] (similar to that of apt-get). First, since multiple
+`Section: dbg` feeds may be downloaded and architecture-qualifying such packages
+would be undesirable, such packages could be installed instead via `opkg -a
+amd64-linux-glibc foo-dbg`. Similarly, `Section: libdev` packages as build
+dependencies could be automatically installed for the host architecture by
+prokit supplying an appropriate `-a` option, allowing maintainers to continue
+listing unqualified package names in `Build-Depends` instead of having to add
+`-${Host-Arch}` to every `Section: libdev` package in `Build-Depends`.
Use Cases