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Two Problems
-`opkg` and the Outsourced Inflation
+`opkg-lede` and the Outsourced Inflation
-opkg-lede now [relies][opkg-lede-dd4c78a] on an external `gzip` executable.
+`opkg-lede` [now relies][opkg-lede-dd4c78a] on an external `gzip` executable.
When upgrading a package, it tries to execute `gzip` to unpack maintainer
-scripts and data files [after][opkg_install_pkg] removing the old version of the
+scripts and data files [after removing][opkg_install_pkg] the old version of the
package. When the package being upgraded is `busybox`, which provides `gzip`,
`opkg` crashes and leaves behind a completely broken system.
+To reiterate, `opkg-lede` is (and has been for as long as it has been in
+ProteanOS) unable to upgrade `busybox`, due to its own design.