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+[[!meta title="Unofficial wolfSSL Utility"]]
+wolfutil is a command-line tool for the wolfSSL embedded (SSL/)TLS
+library. It is similar to the OpenSSL command-line tool, providing only
+a limited `s_client` TLS client command. The primary goal is to provide
+enough functionality for use by BusyBox's wget applet.
+wolfutil's `s_client` command is designed to be stronger by default than
+OpenSSL's, as the latter is only meant to be a "diagnostic tool". That
+is, the following command:
+ $ wolfutil s_client -quiet -connect ${host}:${port} \
+ > -servername ${servername}
+is roughly equivalent to the more complicated:
+ $ openssl s_client -quiet -connect ${host}:${port} \
+ > -servername ${servername} -verify 9 -verify_return_error \
+ > -no_ssl3 -no_tls1 -no_tls1_1
+This utility is in no way authored by or affiliated with wolfSSL Inc. or
+its contributors.
+The current version of wolfutil is [1.0.0][rel-ann].
+wolfutil can be found on the ProteanOS files site by [HTTP][dl-http] or
+wolfutil is maintained in a [Git repository][repo-http], which can be cloned
+from `git://`.
+Mailing List
+Bug reports, feature requests, and patches for wolfutil are welcome on the
+[ProteanOS development mailing list][proteanos-dev].