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@@ -8,9 +8,15 @@ install and manage ProteanOS systems. [[Get_started!_→|doc/install/prokit]]
Then, choose how and where to install ProteanOS:
- * [[In_an_isolated_file_system_environment_→|doc/install/chroot]]
+ * [[On_an_existing_host_system_under_an_isolated_file_system_environment_→|doc/install/chroot]]
* [[On_a_supported_PC_→|doc/install/pc]]
+ProteanOS package development is typically done on an different host system.
+Running ProteanOS on actual hardware is only necessary for testing things like
+hardware-specific features (e.g. booting with a new `linux-image-*` package),
+network configuration, or system services (e.g. a logging daemon or a Web
See the [[legal_and_technical_notices|doc/legal]] to learn how to find copyright
information for ProteanOS packages and how to build ProteanOS packages from
source code.