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[[!meta title="Isolated File System Environment Installation"]]
-These instructions explain how to install ProteanOS into a directory on an
-existing host system to run under an isolated file system environment, or
-"jail", using prokit, the ProteanOS Development Kit. prokit will run ProteanOS
-using the **chroot**(2) system call via the **chroot**(8) wrapper program.
-It is assumed that you have already
-Installing ProteanOS
-First decide which "suite" of ProteanOS you wish to install. Currently only one
-suite is available: `dev/trunk`.
-Next decide where to install ProteanOS. Replace `$root` below with the path to
-which you want ProteanOS installed.
-If you installed prokit to your system, simply run:
- $ sudo prokit install dev/trunk $root
-Otherwise, from your prokit build directory, run:
- $ sudo src/prokit install dev/trunk $root
-Next Steps
-Familiarize yourself with the ProteanOS Development Kit Manual, if you haven't
-already. The **prokit-shell**(8) and **prokit-opkg**(8) commands are used to
-manage installed ProteanOS systems.
-If you'd like to develop packages for ProteanOS, you need to install the
-`build-essential` package (again replacing `prokit` with `src/prokit` if you
-haven't installed prokit):
- $ sudo prokit opkg $root install build-essential
-This may take a while, depending on your network connection. Then you can start
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