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-**NOTE:** These instructions use a feature in an unreleased version of the
-ProteanOS Development Kit. You'll need to have built prokit from its Git
-repository to use the PC installer.
This guide explains how to use the interactive installer program distributed
with prokit, the ProteanOS Development Kit, to install ProteanOS on a PC
@@ -52,7 +48,7 @@ If you installed prokit to your system, run:
Otherwise, from your prokit build directory, run:
- $ sudo src/prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat dev/trunk $device
+ $ sudo ./prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat dev/trunk $device
Replace `$arch` with the architecture (e.g. `i686-linux-glibc`), `$plat` with
the platform (e.g. `x60`), and `$device` with the device file name (e.g.