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+Decide which "suite" of ProteanOS you wish to install. `rel/trunk` is a rolling
+release that receives updates free of known new bugs; it is recommended for
+regular users. `dev/trunk` receives direct package uploads and should be used
+by ProteanOS developers.
If you installed prokit to your system, run:
- $ sudo prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat dev/trunk $device
+ $ sudo prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat $suite $device
Otherwise, from your prokit build directory, run:
- $ sudo ./prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat dev/trunk $device
+ $ sudo ./prokit installer-pc -a $arch -p $plat $suite $device
Replace `$arch` with the architecture (e.g. `i686-linux-glibc`), `$plat` with
the platform (e.g. `x60`), and `$device` with the device file name (e.g.