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Downloading the ProteanOS Development Kit
+prokit release archives since version 1.1.0 and Git commits since
+2.0.1-55-g545e082 are signed with the maintainer's OpenPGP 4096-bit RSA key.
+Import the key from a key server (available on the SKS network and on Finding a signature path from trusted keys in your keyring
+to this key is recommended if possible.
+ $ gpg --recv-keys 0x225031F047FFE51663ED516F1A459ECDE4D604BE
The current released version (2.0.1) of prokit lacks features now used by the
ProteanOS package archive. Clone prokit from the [Git repository][prokit-git]:
$ git clone git://
$ cd prokit/
+Check for signatures on the recent commits. Either run:
+ $ git log --show-signature
+Or configure Git to always show signatures in the log (requires Git 2.10 or
+ $ git config log.showSignature true
+ $ git log
+Either way, look for a `Good signature` made `using RSA key
+225031F047FFE51663ED516F1A459ECDE4D604BE` in at least the top-most commits.