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+ProteanOS Development Kit version 1.1.0
+Released: ????-??-??
+Changes in this release:
+ * The previously missing prokit-install(8) manual page is now
+ distributed and installed.
+ * Some logic of "prokit install" has been simplified as ProteanOS
+ packages now have the necessary data files and control fields.
+ * "prokit build" now parses substvars files without errors.
+ * The current working directory is bind mounted within the isolated
+ file system environment and used as the working directory for the
+ "prokit shell" and "prokit opkg" commands.
+ * Compatibility with older versions of opkbuild has been dropped.
+ Before running "prokit build", make sure your ProteanOS system has
+ version 3.0.0~beta6-1 or later of the opkbuild package.
+ * The list of mirrors has been updated. Thanks to Morten 'Jobbe'
+ Jakobsen for providing another mirror.
+ * Session management has been added to allow multiple instances of
+ prokit to run simultaneously. The first instance started will mount
+ the basic file systems, and the last instance exited will unmount
+ them. A mutex is used to eliminate race conditions on changes to
+ the sessions pool.
+ * Whitespace in arguments to "prokit shell" and "prokit build" is now
+ preserved.
+ * Signals are handled during active sessions with callbacks for the
+ "prokit opkg" and "prokit build" commands, to ensure that the
+ isolated file system environment is left in a clean state when a
+ signal like SIGINT (Ctrl+C) is received.
ProteanOS Development Kit version 1.0.0