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* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-302-1/+84
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-302-1/+98
* tests/ Print to stdoutP. J. McDermott2014-08-301-8/+6
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-302-1/+100
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-302-1/+66
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-302-1/+74
* Fix license noticesP. J. McDermott2014-08-254-4/+4
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* tests/ test_diff(): More local varsP. J. McDermott2014-08-201-0/+5
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-202-1/+43
* tests/ test_diff(): Add trailing newlineP. J. McDermott2014-08-201-0/+1
* tests/ Use test_diff()P. J. McDermott2014-08-201-43/+1
* tests/ test_diff(): New functionP. J. McDermott2014-08-201-0/+50
* tests/ Fix atexit()P. J. McDermott2014-08-201-2/+2
* tests/ now passesP. J. McDermott2014-08-161-3/+0
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-162-0/+46
* Add parse_control() tests frameworkP. J. McDermott2014-08-161-0/+93
* Support colors in test logsP. J. McDermott2014-08-161-0/+11
* tests/ Use ${srcdir} in . commandP. J. McDermott2014-08-161-1/+1
* tests/ New testP. J. McDermott2014-08-152-1/+79
* tests/ assert(): New functionP. J. McDermott2014-08-151-0/+8
* tests/ Set EXIT trapP. J. McDermott2014-08-151-0/+13
* tests/ Set in_place and builddirP. J. McDermott2014-08-151-0/+2
* Set up testsuiteP. J. McDermott2014-08-152-0/+35